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Bean Bags

A bean bag (also beanbag) is a sealed bag containing dried beans, PVC pellets, expanded polystyrene, or expanded polypropylene. The bags are commonly used for throwing games, but have various other applications.

Designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro and produced by the Italian company Zanotta in 1969,[1] beanbags have become a globally recognised piece of furniture. It's said that they noticed the staff would sit on bags filled with styrofoam during their coffee and cigarette breaks.[citation needed] The original beanbag chair was called "Sacco", which was a pear-shaped leather bag filled with styrofoam beans and is still in production today.

On 22 August 2014, 2.2 million bean bag chairs were recalled due to two deaths of children who suffocated from the foam inside the bag.

Bean bags can be made from materials including leather, suede, corduroy and fake fur. Polyester bean bags are waterproof and can be used outdoors. Giant bean bags can also be used as a cheap alternative to buying a sofa or couch.

Quite a variety of bean bags are sold, including baby bean bags that are known for helping babies that suffer from colic. They are also known for helping with plagiocephaly or more commonly referred to as flat head syndrome in babies.